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News: Animal Care

Animal Care

The importance of colostrum intake by piglets born from hyper-prolific sows


Improving the immune status of young piglets has become a must for pork producers.

Animal Care

African Swine Fever: an overview


An insight into one of the most devastating animal diseases in recent years.

Animal Care

Algae to improve the digestion performance of laying hens


A study in France confirmed the biological activity of macroalgae specific extracts on liver function.

Animal Care

Mycotoxin detoxification strategies, a review


How to control mycotoxin contamination in the feed?

Animal Care

In vivo and in vitro models to test toxin binders


What’s the best way to test toxin binders?

Animal Care

Reinforcing the gut wall integrity of the chicks, Thanks to Algae!


Farmers, poultry integrators, avian zoo-technicians and veterinarians are continually seeking to increase the performances of poultry farms, within the context of limiting the use of antibiotics in all poultry species. Olmix has recently developed new 100% natural solutions, able to promote an optimal gut integrity through a higher production of mucins, the main components of the intestinal mucous layer.

Animal Care

Improving vaccination efficiency with macroalgal polysaccharides


Ms Frédérick Bussy, Olmix Group’s For Vet Specialist, describes how specific biological algae extracts can play a vital role when it comes to chick management in the farm.

Animal Care

Organic aquaculture: challenges and hopes


Aquaculture producers are searching for natural solutions to meet market demands.