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News: Animal Care

Animal Care

Olmix, back to SPACE 2021



The International Exhibition will be an excellent occasion to meet again with customers and partners and celebrate together the 25th anniversary of Mistral®.

Animal Care

Algae to support breeders' digestive performance


Olmix's lecture at V-Connect Vietnam Edition 2021.

Animal Care

Boosting your cows’ performance


Outstanding results with Algimun® in an experimental trial in Brittany, France.

Animal Care

African Swine Fever: lessons & practical solutions


Our recent webinar is now available!

Animal Care

Precision feeding, thanks to the unique algo-clay technology


Improving feed efficiency is one of the aspects of precision feeding, for which the use of in-feed solutions has proven its interest.

Animal Care

Managing thermal stress in poultry through algae complex


The evolution on poultry production resulted in a faster growing broiler and higher feed efficacy onto animal protein. Despite these, a series of metabolic problems have arisen, with heat stress being one of the main ones.