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Olmix Group: The preferred partner of farmers for agro-ecological transition

Olmix Group is developing an international ecosystem of partners – farmers, integrators and distributors – to grow plants and to raise animals in a plan for agro-ecological transition.

Algae are a key raw material from which, through various steps of innovations and associated with clay and trace elements, Olmix develops concrete solutions for worldwide agricultural transition towards better practices based on products known for their efficiency, demonstrated scientifically.

We bring natural solutions to farmers to improve plants’ health and nutrition and to breeders to improve animals' health and welfare. It enables to produce with a more respectful and a positive impact on the environment, with less use of synthetic chemical products while in capacity to feed the world population and to ensure farmers or breeders a decent living.

Through our ranges of innovative products, both under the form of final products or ingredients, and with the collaboration of distributors and integrators, we demonstrate that there is a way to reconcile economic and environmental performances in agriculture.

Olmix Group

Specialist in natural solutions to
improve health and nutrition of plants and animals

Plant Care

Growing plants better to better feed animals and humans




Human Care

Improving human health




Animal Care

Raising animals better to better feed human




A pioneer in the development of algae-based solutions

The R&D division comprise health and nutrition experts, along with specialists in algae, clay minerals and trace elements. These teams are located at the Olmix Group headquarters in Bréhan, Brittany, which house the company’s laboratories and testing equipment. From this base, they cooperate with universities and research organizations all over the world and take part in ambitious collaborative research programmes. Olmix Group R&D has generated 24 patents so far.

Based in Brittany, at the heart of marine research

With significant marine science expertise and resources, Brittany is the ideal site for Olmix Group R&D. This division benefits from the latest scientific advances thanks to its location near one of the world’s first research centres specialized in algae (the Roscoff Biological Station, created in 1872), as well as universities and specialist institutions such as Ifremer (the French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea). Brittany is also home to one of Europe’s largest agricultural and agrifood economies, enabling Olmix Group to test the results of its work in real conditions at applied research centres.

From R&D to industrial processes

Olmix Group’s expertise in industrial processes is key to successfully launching effective, financially viable products. The group has a 600 m2 pilot plant for developing new technological processes such as micronisation, different types of extraction and complexation reactions, in particular to create new materials blending trace elements, clays and algae. The seven Olmix Group production sites follow the HACCP system for food safety management.

Olmix Group's three main resources:

Clay minerals

Understanding clay minerals and their uses is a science in its own right, involving many varieties, such as sepiolite, kaolinite, and bentonites.

Trace elements

As pure minerals, trace elements are essential nutrients for living organisms, in very small quantities.


Algae are an exceptionally varied source of nutrients.

Our quality commitment:

Algae: A source of health at each step of the food chain

Global presence

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100 Countries

671 Employees

Other fields of activity in Olmix Group


Olmix Group and Breizh Algae School
working for a better future

Olmix Group trains students, partners and customers from around the world in new techniques for plant, animal and food production free of pesticides, antibiotics or chemical additives, Thanks to Algae!


Breizh Algae School

Careers: would you like to join us?

Our history

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Framework agreement Olmix - INRAe

Motion Equity Partners entry in Olmix capital

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Acquisition of Micromix Plant Health and Amendis

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Acquisition of PRP Technologies

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20th anniversary

In 20 years, Olmix has evolved from a company mainly focused on animal care, to a global Group active in the broad fields, Plant and Animal Care, with a single global strategy: One Health thanks to algae.

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13 patents to date

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Launch of the ULVANS programme

Emergence of the For Vet animal health range and filing of patents.

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Initial public offering and geographical expansion

Growth in sales. Development of subsidiaries through internal and external growth.

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Filing of the Amadéite® layered clay patent

Creation of a new clay- and algae-based biomaterial .

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Creation of an R&D department

Launch of the Eco-concept brand and the MonaLisa (Eureka) programme

March 2002
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European Trophy for animal welfare

Introduction of the innovative Mistral concept

November 2001
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Creation of an export department

One person dedicated to exports in a company of 15 employees.

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Creation of the Mistral brand

First use of clay as a natural alternative to chemical processing.

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Creation of Olmix by Hervé Balusson

To extract value from the by-products of copper ore processing.