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News: Plant Care

Plant Care

William Boogaarts voted Dutch Greenkeeper of the Year 2016


On 10 December William Boogaarts, head greenkeeper at De Enk Groen en Golf, was voted as Dutch Greenkeeper of the Year (GOTY) 2016. He became the successor of Kristian Summerfield, who was last year’s winner.

Plant Care

2nd World Biostimulants Congress: a change in the agricultural sector


The 2nd World Biostimulants Congress started on Monday 16th in Florence (Italy) for 4 days of conferences that will contribute to a better understanding of the role and use of biostimulants in agriculture.

Plant Care

Vitalphos nominated for the Green Innovation Award 2014


Marathon Vitalphos, Melspring -Olmix Group, has been nominated for the Green Innovation Award 2014 by publisher NWST in the category Sport.

Plant Care

Melspring will attend Demodag Sportvelden 2014


Melspring (Olmix Group) will present the new Marathon Liquid Line and Vitalphos, a new long-lasting Phosphate source at the Demodag Sportvelden 2014.

Plant Care

Marathon program scored best at STRI research event 2013


The research trial shows the significant differences between integrated programs such as the Melspring program and a mix of in itself good products.