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News: Plant Care

Plant Care

Arjan Westeneng was named Greenkeeper of the Year 2018


The 5th edition of the GOTY was held on December 7 at Landgoed de Horst in Driebergen, the Netherlands.

Plant Care

Olmix Group and PRP Technologies, together for the first time at Innov-Agri Sud Ouest, France


The Olmix Plant Care division, now including both Olmix and PRP groups, ran the Booth C26 at the event. Both companies showed up together for the first time after making official its merger last June 30th.

Plant Care

Olmix Group took part in the 5th edition of La Serena Golf Technical Training Day in Murcia, Spain


The Plant Care division of Olmix Group gave a conference presentation on the leaf optimization in La Serena Golf (Murcia, Spain) on the 6th April.

Plant Care

Promising results of SeaMel at trial locations in Bordeaux


Last week the Technical Team of Olmix Plant Care visited the trial sites in the Bordeaux area.

Plant Care

MelgreenMn has a new, enhanced formula


Our Plant Care product MelgreenMn has a new, enhanced formula. Due to a renewed composition of seaweed extracts the results of this manganese product, part of the Melgreen Liquid Range, have greatly improved.

Plant Care

William Boogaarts voted Dutch Greenkeeper of the Year 2016


On 10 December William Boogaarts, head greenkeeper at De Enk Groen en Golf, was voted as Dutch Greenkeeper of the Year (GOTY) 2016. He became the successor of Kristian Summerfield, who was last year’s winner.