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News: Plant Care

Plant Care

From conventional to sustainable agriculture


Iulian Nitu, Olmix’s Plant Care Sales Manager in Romania, gives a deep insight into the company’s vision and its global approach to face the current main challenges of the industry.

Plant Care

Stimulating soil life for a profitable and sustainable crop production


3-year experimental platform shows the potential of Olmix’s MIP® technology.

Plant Care

A recent study validates the effectiveness of the soil activator Neosol



The Agricultural Research Institute ZVT in Troubsko (Czech Republic) has conducted extensive scientific experiments for 3 years within the framework of the research project «Technologies for erosion control and soil protection» financed by the Czech Ministry of Agriculture. The work revealed significant changes in soil quality induced by the Neosol activator from Olmix Group.

Plant Care

Improving efficiency of organo-mineral fertilizers


Depending on agronomic needs and on the availability of local raw materials, farmers can use mineral fertilizers, organic or organo-mineral fertilizers for providing good plant nutrition and crop productivity.

Plant Care

Olmix Plant Care launches commercial activity in Egypt



Agreement between Olmix Group and MacFertilizers (Al-Sabanel Agro Egypt) to introduce the Plant Care range into the market.

Plant Care

Plant Care solutions for spring season


Interview with Sergii Mezin, Olmix’s Sales Manager in Ukraine, on the spring season and the current agricultural situation.

Plant Care

Foliar biosolutions to support the strategies of pesticides reduction and enhance crops


Algae-based biosolutions within the ‘Merci les Algues®’ program are proving to be a must among farmers betting on pesticide reduction and profitable production.

Plant Care

Use foliar N on spring wheat for maximum returns



Farmers growing spring wheat this year should consider applying foliar nitrogen to improve crop efficiencies and boost protein content in milling varieties.