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Olmix Group

“Our mission is to make effective use of an abundant untapped resource to promote sustainable food, Thanks to Algae!”


Last November, Olmix Group participated in the VI Redealgas Workshop in Arraial do Cabo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The company was represented by Dr Raquel Pereira, Technical Coordinator in South America, who delivered a lecture on the Olmix Group diverse fields of activity.

Olmix Group

“The potential of algae is huge and there is still a lot to be discovered”


Olmix Group took part in the Vietnam Foodexpo symposium programme in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam, 15-18 November), held by the Embassy of France and the Vietnamese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. Mr Quang Thanh Trinh, Olmix Asia Director, gave an overview of the huge potential of algae for a consistent food and health chain, the company’s global vision and the latest updates on the Olmix Group activities in the Asian market.

Olmix Group

Olmix Group to participate in the Franco-Chinese Innovation Awards



To be held in Paris on December 12, the ceremony will shine the spotlight on those companies renowned for their focus on innovative technologies, product or services, with a significant impact in social, economic, industrial and environmental terms.

Olmix Group

Olmix Group contributes to the debate at COP23



COP23 is now underway in Bonn, Germany (6-17 November). At the event, Hervé Balusson, Olmix Group CEO & President, demonstrated the company’s commitment to mitigating climate change by contributing to the ‘Financing the Bioeconomy’ panel discussion held by the European Investment Bank on Monday, 13 November.

Olmix Group

Olmix Group and the Breizh Algae School join the Blue Train project


Mr Hervé Balusson, Olmix Group President and CEO, along with several members of the Breizh Algae School (Saint-Étienne-du-Gué-de-l’Isle, France), attended the official launching of the Blue Train project, a new programme promoted by the Station biologique de Roscoff and supported by 25 collaborative partners from the public and private sector in France.

Olmix Group

Mr Hervé Balusson: 'How to feed 9 billion people thanks to algae'


Mr Hervé Balusson, Olmix Group President & CEO, was invited to attend the France Inter radio studios to get interviewed by the journalist José Manual Lamarque and talk about algae as a unique bioresource.

Olmix Group

Olmix opens its new production facilities in Bình Dương, Vietnam


Olmix has opened its first factory in Asia to further strengthen its presence and implement its development strategy all over the continent. Starting its production from 1st November 2017, the factory will be providing approximately 15,000 tons of animal feed additives and nutraceuticals for feed mills and farms per year. 

Olmix Group

Aroma Celte® pursues its development with Olmix Group


Olmix Group promotes a comprehensive, healthy food chain by improving plant, animal and human nutrition thanks to algae, through its specialist divisions.