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News: Animal Care

Animal Care

Future formulation with algae for improved digestibility


Improving digestibility and feed efficiency of farm animals is of upmost importance.

Animal Care

Managing neonatal digestive troubles


Neonatal digestive troubles represent the main cause of young piglet’s mortality and trigger severe economic losses along with an almost systematic use of antibiotics.

Animal Care

Olmix’s strategies for mycotoxin risk management


María Ángeles Rodríguez, Olmix Group's For Feed Product Manager, describes how mycotoxins affect animals in the farm, their subclinical effects and their economical consequences.

Animal Care

Mistral, for a reasoned management of the digital dermatitis risk


After 2 years of research and trials, the effectiveness of Mistral® application in dry footbath and its practicality have been highlighted and attested!

Animal Care

Improving immunity in poultry, Thanks to Algae!


Poultry producers are aiming to have the best livestock health and to limit the use of antibiotics at the same time.

Animal Care

Mistral to reduce ammonia and prevent diseases


Serbian farmer and researcher explains how Mistral helps improve hygienic conditions in animal breeding facilities by eliminating water from floor and disable further propagation of microorganisms, as well as decreasing the amount of ammonia and preventing mastitis.

Animal Care

Era of diseases in aquaculture: adapt or die!


Evolution of virulence is playing an important role in the emergence of some diseases in aquaculture.

Animal Care

Mycotoxins:the silent threat in aquaculture


More and more data is being published to describe the effects mycotoxins have on fish and shrimp, describing a wide variety of symptoms and responses.