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Misset International Webinar Week

All About Feed: Mycotoxin management

17-11-2020 Online event

Olmix Group will be sponsor for the webinar "All About Feed: Mycotoxin management during the Misset International Webinar Week. Mycotoxins are causing severe economic losses worldwide and are a serious risk for the health of all livestock. Mycotoxin management, therefore, has the utmost priority for animal producers. Managing mycotoxin involves several tools from risk evaluation, accurate analysis… to the use of toxin binders. Ms Julia Laurain, Olmix Group's For Feed Product Specialist, will be taking part in the webinar delivering a conference entitled: "Testing toxin binders with in vivo references models: animals don’t lie!"

If you are interested in assist to the webinar, please, register through this link.

Conference by Olmix Group



Testing toxin binders with in vivo references models: animals don’t lie!

11:00 a.m. (GMT +2)

Ms Julia Laurain

For Feed Product Specialist - Olmix Group

  1. Evaluating toxin binders with in vivo versus in vitro models
  2. The example of Samitec institute, independent research center in Brazil running official evaluation of toxin binders.


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