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MELSTAR S Ferrous sulphate for hardening fine grasses

Melstar S hardens the grass, making it less susceptible to diseases and stress. This highly soluble iron source is used as an iron nutrient for fine grasses and ensures fast coloration of the turf.

The situation

Iron deficiency and hardening

Normally, cold periods are difficult for grass. At cold temperatures, it is hard to make solutions for iron salts, making it difficult to prevent or cure iron deficiency.

The challenge

Solubilising iron sulphate in cold periods

Especially in cold periods, iron is applied to harden the grass plant against various forms of stress. In these circumstances, the iron needs to be dissolved in cold water. This requires a special form of iron sulphate.

The solution

Cold water soluble iron

Even at low temperatures, Melstar S is soluble and more stable than most wet forms of iron sulphate. At a temperature of 5°C, 320 g can be dissolved per litre of water. Melstar S leaves no residues in tank mixes. It hardens the grass and makes it less susceptible to disease. The iron ensures a deep turf colour and a lower soil pH.

Strong Points


  • 1

    Provides quick green colouring

  • 2

    Hardening in stressful situations

  • 3

    100% soluble in cold water

Fertiliser to prevent or cure iron deficiencies

Melstar S is a highly soluble iron source with an excellent solubility even in cold periods. It leaves no residues in tank mixes.
Melstar S hardens turf and make it less susceptible to diseases and moss.
It also helps to reduce worm cast for a short time after application.

Directions for use


Application for greens, tees, fairways:

15-20 kg/ha




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