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MELGREENCU For optimal leaf structure

MelgreenCu enhances the resistance of the plant, improves the leaf structure and ensures a lower fresh weight. The grass has more dry-matter content, resulting in tissue hardening and growth reduction - all achieved with the lowest copper application per hectare.

The situation

Organic matter digestion after summer

After summer, when soils are still wet and temperatures are warm, microbial activity in the soil is at its highest. This results in high availability of nitrogen, which leads to continued soft growth. In such cases the copper/nitrogen ratio becomes too low.

The challenge

Correcting the copper/nitrogen ratio without impacting the environment

Copper is required for the aging of the epidermal cells, boosting the stability of the cell structure and contributing to the overall hardening of the turf. Copper is very toxic and accumulates in the soil. The challenge is to reduce the effective copper rate.

The solution

The lowest effective copper rate possible

MelgreenCu enhances the resistance of the plant, improves the leaf structure and ensures a lower fresh weight, with the same length growth. That means the grass has more dry-matter content, resulting in tissue ageing and growth reduction. This ensures vital turf, better resistance to fungal diseases and a deeper colour. With MelgreenCu, copper effectiveness increases so dramatically that all of the benefits are achieved with the lowest possible copper application per hectare.


MELGREENCU, Seanergy technology/Cu

  • 1

    Healthy and resistant grass

  • 2

    Lowest copper dosage

  • 3

    Stimulates lignification

Concentrating epidermal tissue

In France, the UK, Ireland and the Netherlands, trials on golf courses and research stations have demonstrated very promising results for the Melgreen micronutrient programme for optimisation via the leaf. For example, the fresh weight development of MelgreenCu is considerable less than control.

Directions for use


Application for greens, tees and surrounds:







Recommended products

MelgreenCu is one of three products in the Melgreen Liquid Range, together with MelgreenMn and MelgreenSi. It focuses on prevention by optimal nutrition through the leaf, with healthy turf as the main target. Melgreen Liquid products have been intensively tested by the STRI and DOC independent research institutes to show their long-lasting effectiveness. The results show that the prevention programme reduces disease and stress for the plant, while providing greener and healthier grass and better playability for grounds. The economic Melgreen range comprises a complete suite of synergetic products that can be used in different seasons.

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