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WVPAC 2019


16-09-2019 / 20-09-2019 BANGKOK | THAILAND

The Thai Poultry Veterinary Association under the auspices of The World Veterinary Poultry Association will host the 21st World Veterinary Poultry Association Congress or WVPAC 2019 during September 16–20, 2019 at Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Center (Bangkok, Thailand). The theme of the conference will be “Poultry: The value protein for one’s health”, and will focus on food safety and biosecurity which will be shared and discussed by global experts and well known scientists in this field.

On this occasion, Olmix will be hosting a conference on the 18th September on the proven properties of specific algae extracts to modulate immune responses in broilers. Also, our team will be presenting some technical posters at the session.

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Olmix Group's conference



Ulvan activates chicken heterophils and monocytes through Toll-Like Receptor 2 and Toll-Like Receptor 4

Silk Room 2-4

2.30 pm

Mr Tan Phat Luong

Olmix Group's Technical Manager in South East Asia

And also our scientific posters

'Algal polysaccharides to improve gut health'
'Mycotoxins role in bacterial and viral disease outbreaks'
'Searup impact immune transfer on broiler breeders'

Mr Tan Phat Luong

Olmix Group's Technical Manager in South East Asia

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