Technical breakfast - OVUM 2019 | Olmix

Technical breakfast - OVUM 2019

09-10-2019 Lima | Perú

On the occasion of OVUM, Olmix Group will organize a technical breakfast on 9th October. The meeting will be a friendly moment to exchange with our technical team and learn more about the Olmix Group philosophy.

* Admission by private invitation only.




Corporate news
Introduction to Olmix technologies

Ms Danièle Marzin

Marketing Director - Olmix Group

Mycotoxin risk
The role of mycotoxins in viral and bacterian diseases outbreaks

Ms María Ángeles Rodríguez

For Feed Product Manager - Olmix Group

Digestive efficiency
Improving enzymatic activity and performance in Latinamerican conditions

Ms Raquel Pereira

Technical Coordinator South America - Olmix Group

Algimun®: New algae based product to improve immunity

Ms Danièle Marzin

Marketing Director - Olmix Group