Seawheat Conference 2022 | Olmix

Seawheat Conference 2022

"From fundamental biology to aquaculture: state-of-the-art, bottlenecks and gaps"

12-09-2022 / 15-09-2022 Cádiz | SPAIN

The upcoming 2022 SeaWheat Conference, organized by the COST Action Seawheat (CA20106), will take place at the University of Cádiz in Spain and will shed light on a changing green economy based on Ulva mass production and utilization within the European community and beyond, with the ultimate goal to raise Ulva, as a new, sustainable, and safe ingredient for human diet and animal nutrition.

It is an honour for us to present Olmix corporate vision and philosophy as well as our research on algae.



Olmix Group: Specialist in algae-based solutions to improve health and nutrition of plants and animals

Aula Magna, Faculty of Philosophy and Arts


Ms Pi Nyvall Collen

Scientific Director Olmix Group

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