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MFEED+® Supporting digestive enzymes

MFeed+® supports enzymatic activity in the intestine

The challenge

Feed efficiency

Farmers worldwide all share one goal: to improve feed efficiency and optimize farm yield, which is why they need to provide animals with balanced, easy-to-digest feed adapted to their physiological development.

The solution

Optimise the activity of digestive enzymes

Feed efficiency depends on an optimized digestive system, with the effectiveness of enzymes in the small intestine playing a key role. MFeed+® has been designed to get the most from feed through optimized enzyme activity. MFeed+® associates clays with different seaweed extracts, promoting contact between nutrients and enzymes.

The results

By ensuring enzyme effectiveness in the intestine, MFeed+® allows animals to make the best use of their feed. This improvement maximizes performance and maintains a good feed conversion ratio.*

MFeed+® is recommended in the event of

  • 1

    Poor feed conversion ratio

  • 2

    Use of low-digestible raw materials in the diet

  • 3

    Use of cereal by-products in the diet

  • 4

    To support strong performance

Directions for use


For swine, poultry and fish:

The inclusion rate can be adapted to different feed and levels of performance (1 to 2.5 kg per tonne of complete feed).


For best results, consult your veterinarian for a tailored plan and inclusion rate.







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