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MELGREENSI The only silicon that works through the leaf

The highly efficient micronutrient mixture of MelgreenSi stimulates the plants’ quick response to stress. When the MelgreenSi is applied frequently, it builds up a strong protective layer around the outer cell walls of the leaf. MelgreenSi contains highly soluble silicon form for optimum efficacy.

The situation

Stressful circumstances

On greens, turf grows on substrate, which lacks biological balance and buffer. Silicon is no longer available in sufficient quantity due to a lack of biological activity. Turf lacks balance and cannot fully withstand heat, drought, fungi, insects, heavy metals and salt.

The challenge

Preparing for stress without compromising on vitality

Stress mitigation comes at a cost to vitality. Plants need to be as vital as possible to cope with stress.

The solution

Quick response to stress

The micronutrients in their mobile state make it possible for the turf to respond quickly to stress. The unique blend of micronutrients associated with unique hydrosoluble silicon in MelgreenSi make sure that the grass can better withstand a wide range of stress factors. They assist in signal and energy transport and positively influence the uptake and redistribution of nutrients to locations where they are the most in need. When MelgreenSi is applied frequently, it builds up a strong protective layer around the outer cell walls of the leaf.

Strong Points

MELGREENSI, Sealica Technology / Trace elements

  • 1

    Reinforces natural resistance of the plant

  • 2

    Hardens turf

  • 3

    Works through the leaf

Micronutrients increase resistance to disease


In France, the UK, Ireland and the Netherlands, trials on golf courses and research stations have demonstrated very promising results for the Melgreen micronutrient programme for optimisation via the leaf. For example, the development of fungal diseases is considerably less than in the control sample.

Directions for use


Application for greens, tees & surrounds:




Recommended products

MelgreenSi is one of three products in the Melgreen Liquid Range, together with MelgreenMn and MelgreenCu. It focuses on prevention by optimal nutrition through the leaf, with healthy turf as the main target. Melgreen Liquid products have been intensively tested by the STRI and DOC independent research institutes to show their long-lasting effectiveness. The results show that the prevention programme reduces disease and stress for the plant, while providing greener and healthier grass and better playability for grounds. The economic Melgreen range comprises a complete suite of synergetic products that can be used in different seasons.

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