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MELGREENMN Quick start in Spring

The biostimulating effect of MelgreenMn is caused by a better nutrient uptake due to extra root hair development. The manganese ensures a strong plant sap stream that vitalises the turf and stimulates germination of the grass seed.

The situation

Spring repairs

All golf competitions and tournaments start in spring, so greenkeepers have to prepare their greens for intensive play. The grass needs to absorb a balance of nutrients as fast as possible to repair winter damage.

The challenge

Stress relief

Repair work on greens puts grass under considerable stress. The challenge is to cope with this stressful situation. Before starting the repair work, which includes spring hollow coring, turf needs to be vitalised. The grass needs an extra boost for balanced growth.

The solution

Vitalisation before repairs

The biostimulating effect of MelgreenMn is caused by more efficient nutrient uptake due to extra root hair development in spring. The manganese ensures a strong plant sap stream. The manganese also stimulates germination of the grass seed, so MelgreenMn is also very suitable for overseeding in spring before and after aerating. The result is an active healthy turf with balanced growth. Nutrients and energy can be used to speed up balanced growth during the vegetative stage.

Strong Points

MELGREENMN, Seanergy technolgy/Mn

  • 1

    Better germination

  • 2

    Enhanced nutrient uptake

  • 3

    Quick-start of growth in spring

Boosting vegetation


Trials at DOC in 2012 demonstrated the potency of MelgreenMn to favour a quick start and healthy turf.

Directions for use


Application for greens, tees and surrounds:



Recommended products

MelgreenMn is one of three products in the Melgreen Liquid Range, together with MelgreenSi and MelgreenCu. It focuses on prevention by optimal nutrition through the leaf, with healthy turf as the main target. Melgreen Liquid products have been intensively tested by the STRI and DOC independent research institutes to show their long-lasting effectiveness. The results show that the prevention programme reduces disease and stress for the plant, while providing greener and healthier grass and better playability for grounds. The economic Melgreen range comprises a complete suite of synergetic products that can be used in different seasons.

The only silicon that works through the leaf
For optimal leaf structure


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