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Our ranges for agriculture

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Field crops

Efficiency, quality and economic performance requires optimizing soil quality, plant nutrition, and strengthening the ability of crops to resist aggression. Olmix offers farmers a range of biosolutions that perfectly suits these objectives.

Gardening - Horticulture

Quality and consistency of production allow the professionals to ensure the customer satisfaction. Olmix develops biosolutions that integrate perfectly into the work schedule of the producers in order to accompany them achieve this.

Viticulture – Tree cultivation

Resistance to water stress and the quality of fruits and musts are closely related to the healthy function of soil and roots to ensure a perfect supply of water and minerals. Olmix biosolutions respond to the concerns of professionals by providing solutions to optimise these processes ensuring a higher yield and quality.

For professionals engaged in organic farming, Olmix offers Biosolutions adapted to the requirements of the main accredited certification body.