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Seagriculture: looking forward to the future

"Animal husbandry", "green chemistry" and "seaweed for plants" were some of the topics of the event.

The 4th International Seaweed Conference (Seagriculture) that took place in Normandy, France, the 22nd and 23rd of September met the expectation stated by the attendees. Lectures and presentations delivered by renowned professionals of the sector pointed out the importance, benefits and big impact that algae may have on animal husbandry and other fields in the present and near future.

The first day of conferences started with a visionary presentation by Mr. Willem Brandenburg on the potential of seaweeds as one way to increase food production in the coming years. Next, as one of the most concerning issues related to the seaweed market worldwide, regulatory standards were addressed for every specific type of algae. Finally, the last key topic of the day raised the question on how seaweed extracts can be applied in the human industry such as cosmetics and health market.

Besides, the attendees could participate in the Seaweed Information Market that took part after the lectures, where Olmix Group’s R&D Manager Ms. Pi Nyvall provided information about the company’s Animal Care range products and its activity worldwide.

“Seaweeds for Plants: Seaweed as elicitor and ex biostimulants” was the opening lecture of the second day, delivered by Dr. Gabriel Krouk. The interesting presentation proved interactions between nutrient and hormones to be of the utmost importance for plant growth. The next session was about how seaweed can be used as green chemistry and its application as bioplastic. Finally, a panel discussion on economics ended the conference.