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Save one week in finishing with MFeed+®!

Latest trial results obtained with MFeed+® in finishing pigs.

Once again, MFeed+® proved to be a profitable investment in growing animals, when feed efficiency decreases.

Experimental design

  • Commercial grow-to-finish unit in Poland, producing 48,000 pigs/year.
  • Control and MFeed+® groups raised in identical buildings.
  • MFeed+® supplementation: 1 kg/T from 30 to 70 kg, 0.5 kg/T from 70 kg until slaughter (130 kg).


  • Improved feed efficiency: -14 pts FCR (-5%).
  • Increased growth rate: +65 g ADG (+6%).
  • Faster finishing: -7 feeding days on average.
  • Very profitable! Net gain of €2.82 per pig, ROI = 4:1.

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