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SAGA value chain at the Coupe de France!

PSG and GSI Pontivy faced each other at the Moustoir Stadium in Lorient (France) where Olmix Group, sponsored of the local team, promoted its SAGA programme.

The Moustoir Stadium in Lorient was the home of the 64 tie of the Coupe de France, where GSI Pontivy had the difficult task to play a football match against one of the best team in the France: Paris Saint-Germain.

Besides being one of the recent biggest sport events in the region of Brittany, the match was also an excellent opportunity to get up to date with some of the most recent innovations and strategies concerning the SAGA program of Olmix Group, since the company was present inside and outside the stadium as one of the sponsors of the local team.

What is SAGA?

Thanks to different partnerships, Olmix Group has been able to create, produce and launch its own clean-label brand of products, called SAGA (Solutions Alternatives Grâce aux Algues, which means ‘Alternative solutions, Thanks to Algae’ in English), which includes broilers, turkey and pigs raised without antibiotics or cereals and wine produced with no fungicides: a philosohy that is in line with circular economy principles

Olmix Group supporters at the stadium.

SAGA program is a protocol based on strengthening and boosting immunity thanks to algae extracts validated by two recent INRA publications and used in Searup® in the water and Algimun® in the feed. Moreover, the program takes some other factors into consideration: mycotoxin risk control, environmental hygiene, digestive well-being and digestive efficiency.

Inside the lodges

During the match, attendees at the lodges could taste diverse dishes made with SAGA products such as beef and pork sausages based on animals raised without antibiotics.

SAGA products inside the stadium.

SAGA products inside the stadium.

SAGA value chain is a guarantee of antibiotic-free husbandry, vegetables or corn produced without antibiotics. It aims to combat the antimicrobial resistance phenomenon, which is already responsible for 700,000 death of animals per year. Olmix Group has carried out several trials in swine, turkey and broilers with very successful rates that have led to better animal welfare, decreasing the use of antibiotics and to increasing the remuneration of farmers.

Outside the stadium

The Breizh Algae Foodtruck was also present outside the stadium to provide supporters with the best algae-based products and snacks and get them ready for the match: Beef SAGA burgers, SAGA turkey, SAGA potatoes, algae-based sausages… The Olmix Group team counted also on the help of many farmers from Les Fermiers SAGA, our partners in the region.

Olmix Group was also supporting the local team inside the stadium, where Pontivy was finally defeated (0-4) but it was a show on the football field!

Breizh Algae food truck.