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Olmix launches an algae processing facility in Qingdao

The concentration of green algae in the bay of Qingdao and on the coasts of the Shandong pensinsula provides a globally unique opportunity. Thus, during Mr. Vidalies’s visit to China, Olmix, in cooperation with Brest Iroise technology park and the local authorities of Qingdao and Huangdao, officially launched an algae processing facility.

Relying on its experience and expertise in the algae exploitation in Brittany and aiming at speeding up its growth, Olmix has worked out this project in line with the Chinese and global stakes in the field of feed and feed safety. Developing efficient natural alternatives to chemicals (antibiotics …), providing a new source of natural proteins (as an alternative to fish meal) in the world’s first aquaculture market – this is the ultimate ambition of this innovative collocation.

This project is a first initiative of joint leverage of the French-Chinese capacities of research and innovation in marine bio-resources.

Through this investment on a strategic market, Olmix provides itself with resources that match its ambition to become a major player in green chemistry.

About Olmix :

OLMIX is a limited company with a capital of 428 396,20 euros. Its seat is at “Le Lintan”, BRÉHAN (56580) and it is registered in the Trade Register of VANNES under no. 402 120 034. OLMIX is an international group. Its strategy is based on an evolution of industrial practice by using natural additives which foster a sustainable development approach. The Group is organized around two major divisions:

The Eco-concept Division: specialities based on the synergies of natural products (clay, algae, essential oils), mainly for the feed sector.

The Inorganic Salts Division: metal-salt-based additives, mainly for the feed sector.