Olmix Group to take part in AlgaEurope in Madrid, Spain | Olmix


Olmix Group to take part in AlgaEurope in Madrid, Spain

Mrs Pi Nyvall, Olmix’s R&D Manager, will deliver a speech on raising broilers without antibiotics, Thanks to Algae! 

As one of the key players of the green tech industry worldwide, Olmix Group could not miss the chance to share its thoughts and expertise at the AlgaEurope Congress that will take place in Madrid (Spain) from 13-15 December.

On this occasion, Olmix’s R&D Manager Mrs Pi Nyvall will be the one to represent the company on stage by giving a conference entitled ‘Raising Broilers without Antibiotics, Thanks to Algae!’. The talk will be held on Thursday, 15th December at 3.30 pm.

Extract of the conference abstract: 

The development of antibiotic resistance is one of the top five public health concerns according to WHO (World Health Organization). Based seaweed collected from natural populations occurring as regular green and red tides the Olmix Group has formulated a complete range of algo-based ingredients for animal care, used as foundation for a complete program aiming at accompanying producers to achieve antibiotic free production and limit the development of antibiotic resistance. This program called “Thanks to Algae” is adapted to each farm based on a global approach, relying on strong technical and management support with the use of the specific algae-based products.


You can read the whole abstract here.