Olmix Group at EuroTier 2016

This year Olmix organised different events during EuroTier to update its customers on its strategy and its lasts developments and innovations. This started already at the conception of the booth, with the Feed Mill art picture wall. “We care about the industry image. Let’ s work together as antibiotic-free partners!”

The Feed Mill art photo wall on Olmix booth was warmly welcomed by feed manufacturers. “By caring about its image the industry will gain the public favours” said Hervé Balusson, Olmix President and CEO. Working as antibiotic-free partners is one way to reach this goal! This can be achieved “Thanks to Algae”; the proof was given during Breizh Algae Tour conferences in Amsterdam 2 days before. There Dr. Martin Scholten, General Director Animal and Marine sciences, Wageningen University and research, emphasized on how Algae can play a great role in future modern and sustainable farming.  

Feed manufacturers from all over the world and especially from Europe came to pick up their Feed mill art picture, signed by the artist, Laurent Bellec, as a recognition delivered by Olmix President and CEO Hervé Balusson.


Mr Gijsbert van Winkoop (Director East Germany)
from For Farmers with Laurent Bellec, artist photographer.
Mr Henk Wassink (Manager Cooperative Affairs)
from Agrifirm with Freek van Essen, Olmix Benelux sales representative.
Mr Thierry Mener (Head of nutrition), Cooperl France, with Sylvain David, Olmix West Europe area manager and Hervé Balusson Olmix president and CEO. Cooperl is already selling antibiotic-free pork under the brand Broceliande. 


Olmix offered its partners and customers an algae-based dinner at its booth on Wednesday evening.

People had the chance to taste pates or yogurts with algae but also appreciate the “antibiotic-free chicken Thanks to Algae” at the Olmix foodtruck as the event of the party. Olmix had made the proof on-field that it is possible to raise chicken without antibiotics as part of a healthy food chain. The use of algae and more particularly bioactive molecules extracted from algae (MSPs: Marine Sulphated Polysaccharides) being innovative components allowing a promising future for that project.


The dinner gathered more than 150 people from more than 25 countries that could exchange on their experience using Olmix products and the implementation of antibiotic-free programs.



During the evening, Julia Laurain, Technical Service Manager in Europe, launched the Olmix new tool for mycotoxin risk management: Olmix MYCO’CALCULATOR.

Olmix Myco’Calculator is the next step to take profit of mycotoxin analysis strategy implemented with Myco’Screen, a package of 4 sections - Sampling Procedure, Mycotoxins Analysis, Personalized Reports and Contamination Overview -, that give practical and realistic information to evaluate the encountered mycotoxin risk.

Olmix Myco’Calculator is aimed to help feed mills and nutritionists to better adapt MT.X+ and MMi.S dosage in feeds, with a high reactivity and accuracy to optimize technical and economic performance of the feed.


Virtual reality tour of Olmix production plant in Bréhan

At Olmix booth, our customers had also the chance to understand how Olmix process and extracts innovative molecules (MSPs) by discovering the Olmix algae biorefinery plant in 3D! 






EUROTIER Special poultry

To highlight the antibiotic free strategy in chicken, OLMIX organized also this year a specific booth dedicated to farmers presenting the whole program. How and when to use the Olmix product range was detailed, and some specific tools (trolley to spread Mistral) were presented. At the moment more than 2.6 million broilers have been raised without antibiotics thanks to algae in different production system (standard and free range). Moreover, Olmix will inaugurate the 1st of December its first antibiotic free chicken foodtruck in Singapore to commercialise the antibiotic free chicken produced in France.






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