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Olmix celebrates 20th anniversary, Thanks to Algae!

Olmix celebrated its 20th anniversary in September with the launch of its new identity designed around ‘Thanks to Algae!’ theme to reflect its commitment in providing solutions from marine biotechnology to produce food without antibiotics.

Held in Brittany, France, over 400 customers, partners and distributors of Olmix all over the world gathered at the event. Over there, the group addressed on its mission in feeding growing world populations with healthy food in a sustainable manner.

“Our mission is not only producing more food, but we have to produce safe and wholesome food with less resource. Thanks to algae! We have found the right tool to achieve this mission,” said Herve Balusson, Olmix’s President and CEO.

As a specialist in marine biotechnology, Olmix has 20 years of experiences in extracting essential elements from algae for use as natural sources of nutrition and health for animals, plants and humans. 

“With algae extracts, we can produce more food with less reliance on antibiotics, pesticides and chemical additives. We will show you how to do this with our algae-based solutions,” said Mr Balusson. 

Olmix has started producing antibiotic-free chicken in France. The birds are raised without antibiotics through application of a range of algae-based solutions for improving hygiene (Mistral), growth (MFeed+) and freedom from mycotoxins (MT.X+).

The birds are also fed innovative products distributed through water (SeaLyt and Searup) during critical health periods such as during the starter phase and vaccination. These are solutions to provide a complete control on health and performance of the birds throughout their lifecycle.

At the end, 'Thanks to Algae!' logo is stamped on the packaging of these birds, which are processed into roasted chicken, as a guarantee that they are completely free from antibiotics.

Olmix is expanding its antibiotic free program to milk, egg and pork.