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Melspring participated in a technical seminar in Extremadura, Spain

Georges Veber, Melspring's Area Manager in southern Europe, delivered a presentation to show the results of a recent study from the Sports Turf Research Institute on Melspring's products.

Last Saturday Melspring participated in a technical seminar organized by the company Tapiz Verde-Difima in Malpartida de Plasencia (Extremadura, Spain). Melspring’s distributor in Spain, Servicentre, was also invited to the event, where a total of 60 professionals of the sports turf industry had the opportunity to attend some technical conferences and visit the sod production fields in this region of the country.

Georges Veber -Melspring’s Area Manager in southern Europe-, delivered a presentation on the research that the prestigious Sports Turf Research Institute (Bingley, United Kingdom) has carried out to compare Melspring’s whole nutrition program to other mineral fertilization programs.

Official results from this research show that the use of Melspring’s products leads to a better control of Fusarium, specially thanks to properties of the Marathon and Melgreen ranges:

  • Ammonium-based Nitrogen.
  • Non-composted organic matter.
  • Active ingredients of refined seaweed extracts.
  • Organic silicon.

Melspring products have proved to be an innovative solution with a reduced carbon footprint.