The cow Minette, raised with Olmix’s algae-based solutions, awarded at the Salon de l’Agriculture 2020! | Olmix


The cow Minette, raised with Olmix’s algae-based solutions, awarded at the Salon de l’Agriculture 2020!

Mr Jean-Luc and Ms Isabelle Danet, owners of the farm EARL Danet-Morel (Brittany, France) received the prize at the recent event in Paris.

The Salon de l’Agriculture 2020 was a success for farmers Jean-Luc and Isabelle Danet (from Guilliers, in the region of Brittany, France), who were awarded for their cow Minette, which raised itself as the great winner within the Parthenaise cattle breed race.

Minette (932 kg) is a cow that belongs to the EARL Danet-Morel farm, which uses some of the Olmix’s programs and strategies that go in line with the ‘Merci les algues’ approach to raise animals without antibiotics in a sustainable and respectful way.

“Due to Minette’s high genetic potential, the cow deserved the best in terms on mineralization, and it was also vital to enable the animal to face the common daily challenges. That is why we advised the use specific algae-based technology to reinforce its natural defences and optimize performance. More particularly, the Olmix’s solution MinerAlg® was distributed daily to the cow at a rate of 250 grams with outstanding results on milk production!,” says Franck Bienne, Market Manager Animal Care from Olmix.

All technological and biological benefits of algae are combined in MinerAlg® for an optimized well-being, health and performance of the animals. The MinerAlg® range incorporates Olmix’s specific algae extracts MSP®BARRIER and MSP®IMMUNITY (Algimun®), which aim to strengthen natural defences and gut integrity as recently shown in scientific studies and research between Olmix Group and INRAe or INSERM (France).

Minette, at Salon de l'Agriculture in Paris (France).

“MinerAlg® also provides also specific components, among others like monocalcium phosphate for an optimal absorption of phosphate, organic selenium for a good antioxidant status and rumen protected A vitamin. Available in granulated form (no dust) or peletted form, MinerAlg® is also usable within organic farming programs. All this helped Jean-Luc and Isabelle to achieve the great results as we all could see, and we are proud of that!” he says.

Congratulations on the award, Jean-Luc and Isabelle!

Watch the video of Minette at the Salon de l’Agriculture 2020:

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