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Breizh Algae Tour 2014 brings together more than 500 people from 43 nationalities

The third edition of the Breizh Algae Tour was held in Nantes under the title “Algae and Nutrition: a new approach to health”.

During a morning of scientific presentations attended by more than 500 people, the impact of algae on our immune system has been presented in detail. In the afternoon, workshops in Plant care, Animal care and Human care demonstrated the latest Olmix applications: food applications in the human care workshop, Algal based solutions for improved health and growth of crops in the plant care workshop and animals in the 5 different animal care workshops.

  • VEGETAL workshop: Algae to reduce pesticide use
  • ANIMAL workshops:  Algae to reduce antibiotic use; Algae for immunology; Algae to fight mycotoxins; Algae for aquaculture and Algae to boost enzyme activity.

Also business opportunities were discussed for the growing of Breizh Algae Concept in France. The aim of Breizh Algae is to structure, to develop and to go with the economy of algae in the Grand-Ouest of France.

Algae, or plants growing in the sea, have specific properties that offer strong economic potential. This renewable resource is already being exploited by many companies in a diverse range of fields that are critical for our future, such as plastics, health, nutrition, food, cosmetics and alternatives to antibiotics.

Olmix, major stakeholder of the Breizh Algae Concept, chose algae because:

  • The sea, where algae are cultivated, is rich in all the essential elements of life present on the planet
  • Algae have developed unique active ingredients not present in terrestrial plants
  • Algae grows without the need for fresh water, fertilizer or pesticides

As a consequence, Olmix finds alternatives to reduce the use of antibiotic and pesticide use, for immunology, to fight mycotoxins, for aquaculture and to boost enzyme activity.

Some examples are MFeed+, the new enzyme booster launched during the BAT 2014 and SeaMel Booster, Prevent and Barricade, three new Plant Care solutions that will be on the market in Spring 2015.

The new and fast-growing algae industry involves a variety of upstream and downstream activities aimed at developing end products. With a multitude of stakeholders (universities, companies, research centers and local authorities), it offers a viable alternative for industrial transformation in regions where traditional industries have been in decline.

The presentations and conferences are available in Breizh Algae website.