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Antibiotic-free production and human nutrition at Sirha 2019

Olmix Group shared the latest information on its SAGA Program and antibiotic, additive and pesticide-free strategies. The company was also awarded for Emulsea®, For Food range product from Olmix Human Care.

Held in Lyon (France) and attended by more than 207,930 participants, Sirha 2019, the Hotel, Catering and Food Trade Exhibition was the perfect spot for Olmix Group to highlight the diverse uses of algae for animal and human nutrition and to unveil the details of its SAGA Program, a sinergetic protocol that aims to create, produce and launch a complete clean-label brand of products, which includes broilers, turkey and pigs raised without antibiotics or cereals and wine produced with no fungicides: a philosophy that is in line with circular economy principles.

Algae: great interest within the catering industry

The huge interest raised by algae-based products with the Brand “Merci les Algues” at Stand 3E144 confirmed the increasing trend within the world of agri-food and catering to be part of a more sustainable and healthy approach for the consumer.

At its stand, Olmix presented the many virtues that algae are to offer to the food industry: additive-free products -thanks to the action of Emulsea® and Fibersea®.

“Fibersea® and Emulsea® are multifunctional algae-based ingredients providing solutions to current food trends, mainly linked to the texture of clean-label, vegan or allergen-free products. Fibersea® and Emulsea® are used in a wide range of applications: sauces and dressing, bakery products, vegan products, dairy products or meat products”, Mr Tony Da Cruz, Olmix Group’s Food Food Product Manager, said.

Stand at Sirha 2019.

Antibiotic-free production through Olmix's SAGA Program -that results in turkey meat raised without antibiotics and distributed by La Trinitaise- was also addressed.

Round-table discussion around SAGA Turkey production

Olmix Group’s specialists organized a round-table discussion on the SAGA chain value “The turkey raised without antibiotics since the hatching stage”, particularly focused on the process that the company has come up with through on the whole commitment in the of all actors : farmers, feed manufacturers, vetenaries, meat processors and meat distributors to develop and promote together a better food for human !

Round-table discussion.

Round-table discussion.

SAGA Program in breeding is a full approach based on strengthening and boosting immunity thanks to algae extracts validated by two recent INRA publications and used in Searup® in the water and Algimun® in the feed. Moreover, the program takes some other factors into consideration: mycotoxin risk control, environmental hygiene, digestive well-being and digestive efficiency.

Since the beginning of SAGA Program, more than 300,000 turkeys have been raised without antibiotics since hatching stage, which represents 90% of the birds placed under an antibiotic-free protocol by the Olmix Animal Care division. To meet the demand of the market, the future goals are to develop the commerzialisation of SAGA meat in pork, chicken and beef on a larger scale.

Last, but not least, Olmix, along with all his partners, has managed to build a real value-added chain to reach the final consumer in a responsable way.

Emulsea®, awarded!

After being announced as one of the winners of the Sirha 2019 Innovation Awards in the ‘Food Products-drinks-ingredients’ last December for Emulsea®, the Olmix team stepped up on stage at the official Sirha Innovation Ceremony Awards to get the prize from hands of Marie-Odile Fondeur, General Director of Sirha 2019.

"Clean-labelling and naturality are driving the development of new food products. Emulsea® is an algae-based solution to replace additives in ice cream, bakery products and sauces", said Mr Tony Da Cruz, Olmix Group’s Food Food Product Manager said.

All in all, Sirha 2019 confirmed the key role of innovation within Olmix Group and its ability to develop effective and innovative algae-based solutions not only for animals and plants, but also for humans!

Olmix Group was awarded for Emulsea®.