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Amadéite Group – PRP Technologies: A natural consolidation

A major announcement for the sustainable agriculture and biotechnology industry: Amadéite Group, the global leader in natural algae-sourced solutions, will join forces with PRP Technologies, a European specialist in biostimulants for agroecology. The two French groups formally announced their consolidation today.


Amadéite Group is known worldwide for its solutions based on algae, clays and trace elements for improving animal, plant and human health.

PRP Technologies has experienced major success in Europe thanks to its natural products that effectively stimulate plant growth and soil fertilization.

With the emergence of these new natural technologies, the farming model is undergoing a revolution, with a dream becoming a reality: traditional chemical products are no longer required to meet the needs of global farming and the increasingly pressing demands of consumers for food quality and safety.

The partnership between Amadéite Group and PRP Technologies offers major benefits. In particular, the quality and expertise of the two group’s teams will accelerate business growth in France, Europe and worldwide, boost production resources and provide new impetus for the companies’ ambitious research and development programmes.


In addition to Amadéite Group and PRP Technologies both offering solutions for soils, plants and roots, they also share a rural history. Both groups were founded in Central Brittany, in the same village: Bréhan in the Morbihan department of France.

In 1971, local manufacturer Paul Ménard met Roland Pigeon, a Canadian specializing in the benefits of trace elements for farming. Mr Ménard created Procédés Roland Pigéon (PRP), a manufacturer of natural health solutions for animals. These products were sold door-todoor. In 1991, engineer Mirko Fatovich acquired the company and invested in R&D. Under his leadership, the company refocused its business on plants, selling its soil fertilization and natural plant biostimulation products directly in France and other European countries. PRP then created the PRP Technologies Group.

In 1995, the story of Amadéite Group also started in Bréhan. Hervé Balusson left his job in chemical fertilizers to follow an intuition that algae could offer a natural alternative to the chemical crop protection products and antibiotics used by crop and livestock farmers.

The two companies first crossed paths when Amadéite bought its first factory from Amadéite in Bréhan and set up business there.

Since then, Amadéite Group has expanded fast, thanks to MISTRAL, a drying agent based on algae, clay and essential oils that improves hygiene in livestock buildings. The product was immediately successful in France and Asia (China, Vietnam, etc.), partly thanks to the acquisition of Melspring, a group active in natural plant solutions. Investing heavily in R&D, like PRP Technologies, Amadéite creates dietary supplements and innovative solutions for animal health. Its researchers have filed 15 global patents, including Amadéite®, which enables farmers to combat the devastating effects of mycotoxins.

In 2012, the two Groups came together once again on ULVANS, a project driven by four Breton SMEs to create a new algae industry. This led to the creation of an algae refinery in Bréhan and the development of new innovative products. ULVANS represented a new acceleration in growth for the two groups, which managed to extract and use 100% of the algae entering their factories.


Since this first major collaboration, the two companies have pursued their exponential growth. Amadéite is now present in 100 countries and on every continent with 600 employees and revenues of €120 million in 2016, 80% of which were generated abroad. At its production site in Bréhan, it also has a Biotech Center where new solutions for animal, plant and human health are invented. In addition to the company’s core activities, the R&D teams are working on a major cause: combatting antibiotic resistance in animals and humans by using algal molecules that are capable of fighting certain human diseases, such as cancer.

Meanwhile, PRP Technologies, which is now headquartered in Montparnasse Tower in Paris while keeping a manufacturing plant in Bréhan, is present in 9 European countries (France, Poland, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Germany, Slovenia and Croatia ) and has started its expansion into South America (Uruguay). The Group employs 130 staff and generated revenues of €18.5 million in 2016. As a leader in plant and soil biostimulation, its offering includes a range of 64 solutions for crop and livestock farmers.

This consolidation offers an opportunity for the two companies to go even further in developing major innovative solutions for sustainable farming and meet the global challenge of feeding a population of 9 billion by 2050 while respecting the environment and future generations.

On 9-11 September, PRP Technologies and Amadéite teams will take part in a seminar at Breizh Algae School in Saint-Etienne-du-Gué-de-l’Isle in the Côtes-d’Armor department near Bréhan.

This will provide an opportunity for employees to build their future mid-size company and prepare for the SPACE 2017 event, promoting solutions free of antibiotics and pesticides, Thanks to Algae!



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