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News: Plant Care

Plant Care

Olmix strengthens its Plant Care business with the acquisition of French company, Bois Valor



Olmix Group finalised the integration of the French biotech company Bois Valor, expert in foliar biostimulants and seed treatment solutions, using substances extracted from wood and plants.

Plant Care

MIP® technology for a sustainable improvement of soil fertility


Olmix will be describing the insights of the MIP® technology at the 2nd ISTRO Central European Conference on “Trends and challenges in soil-crop management” in Brno, Czech Republic.

Plant Care

Efficacy of crossing tillage, Olmix's biostimulants and fertilization techniques


Experimental platform conduced by Olmix, ISTRO and COSTRO shows great results to improve efficacy in plant nutrition and soil management in a sustainable way.

Plant Care

Olmix Plant Care and AL SANABEL Agro Egypt announce their partnership for the distribution of biostimulants



On June 23rd, the group AL SANABEL Agro Egypt invited 300 professionals from the agricultural sector to Ismailia, 120 km north-east of Cairo, to officially present its partnership with Olmix for the distribution of biostimulants on the Egyptian market.

Plant Care

How to secure oilseed rape establishment?


Olmix Plant Care nutritional biosolution Agroptim LAGOON strengthens the rapeseed from the start.

Plant Care

New EU regulation: green light for Olmix Plant Care



With immediate effect, Olmix Plant Care has obtained certification for the marketing of its products affected by the new EU regulation 2019/1009 on fertilisers and biostimulants.

Plant Care

Olmix and Crop Agritech, a partnership to bring new Plant Care solutions to Thailand


Both companies are set to introduce a first Plant Care program to improve fruit cultivation into the Thai market.

Plant Care

How to achieve successful sunflower establishment?


The Algomel PROACT foliar solution offers several advantages to farmers.