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Mrs Catherine Lamboley, new director of the Olmix Group’s Plant Care division



Olmix Group continues to roll out its 2021-2025 strategic plan with the appointment of Catherine Lamboley as Global Plant Care Division Head.

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The Blue Valley Project


An insight into one of the ‘blue’ projects where Olmix is involved.

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Olmix production site in Romania GMP+ FSA certified!


The Olmix plant in Romania has been certified by GMP+ under the Feed Safety Assurance (FSA) label.

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Seagriculture 2020: supporting the European Green Deal


Dr. Pi Nyvall, Olmix Group’s Scientific Director, shares her thoughts on the 9th edition of the International Seaweed Conference, held online this year, with the General Seaweed session chaired by the Group.

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Mr Jean-Christophe Juilliard, new CEO of Olmix



Mr Jean-Christophe Juilliard joins Olmix Group as CEO.


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Extraction of chlorophyll from wild and farmed Ulva spp. using aqueous solutions of ionic liquids


As part of the GENIALG project, Olmix Group has been involved in a recent scientific study that sheds light on successful natural processes to extract chlorophylls from Ulva spp. from 2 different European biomasses. The research was developed in collaboration between Olmix, ALGAplus and University of Aveiro and has been published in Separation and Purification Technology Journal.

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Green algae, an alternative to antibiotics that stimulates the immune response


A throwback to the recent research by Olmix Group and INRAe, which showed that a green algae extract stimulates the production of immune mediators through intestinal epithelial cells. These results indicate that this kind of preparation could be used in livestock feed to improve their resistance to infections and therefore reduce the use of antibiotics.

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Seaweed Valorization: from production to application


Olmix Group’s Scientific Director, Dr. Pi Nyvall, chaired the technical webinar hosted by the European Algae Biomass Association, which put the focus on the relevance of seaweed cultivation and the link between science, technology and business