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News: Animal Care

Animal Care

Gaining flexibility in feed formulation when raw material prices are volatile


Abrupt changes in raw materials might have a severe impact on the farming industry. In such times, investing in feed efficiency becomes crucial.

Animal Care

Decrease the transfer of mycotoxins from sows to piglets with algoclay


Algoclay technology has proved to decrease mycotoxin transfer from sows to piglets.

Animal Care

Optimising pig gut health with macroalgal extracts


Advantages of specific algae extracts to pig farming.

Animal Care

Macroalgal extracts improve cow health status and production performance


Olmix experts talk about algae and dairy farming on the latest issue of Positive Action magazine.

Animal Care

Ensuring piglets' digestive welfare with Seabiota®


Testimonial by French farmer Nicolas Guillame.

Animal Care

Olmix launches new solutions for animal immunity and mycotoxin risk management in Morocco



Algimun® and MT.X AA®, both now available in the country.

Animal Care

Olmix Myco’Science: the latest scientific research on mycotoxin risk management


Read our one-page summary on the Myco'Science international congress!

Animal Care

Strengthening animals’ gut barrier function


Olmix delivered a scientific lecture at the recent 7th International Conference on Poultry Intestinal Health.