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Human Care


Olmix Human Care develops algae-based natural ingredients for the food, nutraceutical and human health industries.

Convinced that the wealth of algae can effectively address current and future issues in the food ingredients market, Olmix Human Care has put seaweed at the heart of its developments, offering natural, innovative and environment-friendly solutions.

With extensive experience in the use of algae and its excellent results obtained in animal nutrition and health, Olmix Group has invested in new collaborative R&D programs in different fields of human health.

Algae-based ingredients for the food industry

Through its range of algaebased ingredients, Olmix offers solutions to the food industry to achieve additive-free, allergen-free* or vegan formulations while providing nutritional benefits. The wide range of applications (sauces and dressings, bakery, vegan, dairy or meat products) allows an unlimited creativity !

Algae have many advantages such as functionality, naturality, nutritional benefits and does not contain any major allergens making them a first-choice resource for the successful development of clean-label products.

Use in food supplements

Algae are an outstanding source for food supplements, given their great diversity and rich content in natural ingredients with proven health benefits. Olmix Group also associates the health benefits of algae to those of essential oils in the AROMA HEALTH® range, to bring you comfort and wellbeing every day. The range is based on an “2in1” innovative concept: a secured supply of essential oils & a regulation of the acid-base balance of the body (red algae – lithothamnium). Get to discover here the AROMA HEALTH® range. Aroma Celte Human Care Olmix Group


With its pragmatic and transversal approach, Olmix Group has highlighted the unique pharmacological properties of algae compounds. The group is currently analyzing in detail the nature of these molecules and determining the mechanisms of action that have not yet been investigated by others. Olmix Group has identified several algal extracts with potential applications in the fields of central nervous system diseases and immunity.