Olmix Satellite Seminar 2019 | Olmix

Olmix Satellite Seminar 2019

11-03-2019 Windsor Suites Hotel. Bangkok | Thailand

Held in Bangkok, Thailand, from 11-13th March, the second edition of the Olmix Satellite Seminar was the perfect chance for Olmix Group to highlight the potential of specific algae extracts to develop and reinforce the immune system of animals, and to launch Algimun® in Asia, the company’s latest solution of its Immunity range.

Reinforcing animals’ natural defences Thanks to Algae!

The latest research, innovative techniques and production strategies on a more sustainable and respectful animal farming thanks to Olmix’s technology, based on specific macroalgae extracts, called MSP®, were spotlighted at the 2nd Olmix Satellite Seminar held at Windsor Suites Hotel (Bangkok, Thailand) from 11-13th March.

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Algimun®, launched in Asia!

  • Sustainable solution, 100% based on natural seaweeds extracts.
  • Incorporated into the feed.
  • Association of two MSP® issued from Olmix research to fully target the main challenges of animal production systems: gut health and immunity.
  • MSP®BARRIER enhances the barrier function of the intestinal mucosa and reduces the invasion of pathogens.
  • MSP®IMMUNITY modulates innate and adaptive immune responses.

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It was our pleasure to celebrate with you 2nd Olmix Satellite Seminar! We are looking forward to meeting you soon at the next events in the area!

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Olmix Satellite Seminar

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