Olmix Group Seminar | Olmix

Current feed raw material: challenges and solutions

Olmix Group Seminar

25-03-2021 Ho Chi Minh | Vietnam

Olmix Group will organize a seminar entitled "Current feed raw material: challenges and solutions" focused on raw material market trend updates; Mycotoxin Risk management and solutions provided by Olmix and ViphaLab.

* Admission by private invitation only.




Update raw material market trend 2021

Ms. TRAN Ngoc Yen

General Manager Agro monitor Viettrader

Mycotoxin management in raw material: Risk and Solution

Ms. Julia Laurain

For Feed Product Specialist – Olmix Group

Translator: Dr. HO Hoang Dung – Olmix Consultant
Solution and Service from Viphalab

Mr. LUONG Tan Phat

ViphaLab Manager