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Z’fix® Slurry Farm effluent enhancer

Z’fix® Slurry is a dust-free microgranular product concentrated in active ingredients and designed to improve the biological, physical and agronomic quality of slurries. Its active ingredient ECO directs the fermentations inside the organic matter in order to fully preserve the fertilizing elements. The results are a better atmosphere in the buildings, a homogenization of the slurry and an agronomic valorization at spreading.


Animal welfare, comfort in use and slurries valorization

Slurries are living environments that continuously ferment. If they are not well controlled, these fermentations can have negative consequences for animals, slurries fluidity when emptying pits, and also impacts on soils life and crop yields.


Controlling fermentations in organic matter

Z'fix® Slurry, thanks to its concentrated ECO (Enzymes Catalyzer for Organic Substrates) ingredient rich in specific trace elements, promotes the activity of bacteria useful for the good evolution of organic matter. Thereby, the farmer takes control of the slurry evolution with visible results from the first month.


Animal welfare, physical and agronomic quality of slurries

Regular use of Z'fix® Slurry reduces ammonia emissions and preserves the organic fraction contained in the slurry. Advantages : better atmosphere in the buildings, a more homogeneous and therefore more fluid slurry, and finally optimized fertilizing values at spreadings for a positive impact on the soils and plants.

Better agronomic value at spreading

  • 1

    Enhanced buildings atmosphere for better animal welfare: less nitrogen loss via ammonia emissions.

  • 2

    Reduction of crusts and sedimentation for better homogeneity and fluidity of the slurry.

  • 3

    Enhanced agronomic value when spreading and improved expression of crop potential by a better plant nutrition in NPK elements.

Animal welfare and comfort use & better agronomic values



  • Z’fix® Slurry can be used in the presence of the animals. It can be spread directly on the slats or directly in the slurry pit.
  • Z’fix® Slurry can be used in organic farming in accordance with the European regulations CE n°834/2007 and (CE) n°889/2008, and with the NOP regulation.



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Z’fix® Slurry

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Z’fix® Slurry

Valorize your farm effluents with Z’fix® Slurry



Controlling the fermentations in slurries to benefit from their full potential