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MFEED Safe digestion

MFeed promotes digestive efficiency.

The challenge

A balanced digestive system

Feed producers and farmers are facing complex challenges, with more expensive raw materials, a sensitive food safety context linked to intensive farming, the rise of microbial resistance and new environmental constraints. Ensuring that livestock maintain a balanced digestive system is essential to good performance, and supporting the gut plays a key role.

The solution

Supporting the digestive system as a whole

The unique combination of selected ingredients in MFeed promotes digestive health in three main areas:

  • Digestive function.
  • Digestive morphology.
  • Digestive microbiota.
  • The results

    MFeed helps boost performance and improve the digestive wellbeing of monogastric animals, and polygastric animals before the start of rumination, especially during stressful periods. It is a safe and efficient solution for animals, farmers and feed producers.

    Mfeed is recommended in the event of

    • 1

      Young animals

    • 2

      Digestive stress

    • 3

      Feed transitions





    MFeed is available as a powder form.

    The Inclusion rate can be adapted to different species and physiological stages (1-5 kg per tonne of complete feed).


    For best results, consult your veterinarian for a tailored plan and Inclusion rate.



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