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Melspring takes over Farmers House factory


Melspring International B.V. announces the acquisition of Farmers House production facility in Rogat, The Netherlands. This take-over has taken place on October 28th, 2016. With the acquisition of the factory Melspring is able to further develop innovative fertiliser solutions and to increase its production output to serve the growing demand Melspring’s customers worldwide.  

In 80 years history, Melspring has built up its own DNA. This DNA is mainly based on three critical components: algae, micronutrients and organic matter. These key components are the backbone of Melspring’s Integrated Plant Health Management vision: to cultivate crops in an ecological and economical responsible way, to ensure that we are ready for a sustainable future. Instead of chemical pest control, Melspring focusses on the health of the plant and its environment:

Olmix Group provides the best quality of seaweed collected in an environmental friendly way. The Olmix R&D team has developed a unique biostimulant range combining Macro algae and Micronutrients in order to enhance the plant immune system. It’s an environmental friendly way of crop protection and also our first step to sustainable field farming and horticulture in the future.

In the Netherlands, the Melspring Plant Care team is dedicated in balancing soil microbiology and improving soil structure by providing carefully selected active organic matter. With the acquisition of the Farmers House factory Melspring is ready for the next step to further develop innovative fertiliser solutions and increase its production output to serve the growing demand from their customers worldwide. With Melspring’s agronomic knowledge and profound experience with complexion techniques the position in the market for organically based soil improvers and fertilisers will be strengthened. New investments in the factory will bring our expertise of organics to the next level!

During the Breizh Algae Tour 2016/Melspring’s 80th anniversary event in Amsterdam for 13 to 15 November 2016 Melspring, Olmix and their customers will together raise the glass to celebrate the acquisition of the Farmers house factory.

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